How do you like this scenario?

And we are not talking here about such extreme views, which they are rolling The German people are currently going through Poland. We talk about the client's views on his life or business, because everyone It has. His views - about which we will tell ourselves exactly - or support or help sell your product.

This has been the case so far.

And what will happen? Well, you will learn to swim on these views.

Did it happen to you, too, that you are looking for something,

talking about it and suddenly it shows you an advertisement with just what you are looking for? Normally, a miracle on the scale of discovering medieval polychromes in the basilica in Lichen.

Well, the ideal situation - you only see ads with what You are interested. Isn't it better to see personalized ads than these random?

As if the whole world wants to help you to fight the lack of erections, seeing in the dark or getting rid of insects at home.

Normally the law of attraction in action...

You and I know that everything has its price.

Wonderful advertisements are the result of tracking us through devices and applications. And we do not really want to pay for this personalization of our privacy. I have just read myself an article about how to free myself from permanent surveillance of two companies Just do 2 things:

  1. Disable "location tracking" - location tracking
  2. Take away applications' access to the microphone

Some people still advise to protect your head with aluminum foil to avoid influencing their thoughts and emotions by government or aliens. But why don't we stick to these three points? I'm writing about this because I don't have the wonderful ability to do so