Because nobody said no to them.

Nobody said: it's a stupid idea, it's a waste of money, you better spend it on ice... So you see, your "no" doesn't matter. But even more important is your "yes".

###What do you agree to, what do you do,

does it have value and meaning? Your "yes" depends on your work, satisfaction and... money.

A quick or longer number for the money and we pretend not to We know, well, unless we talk about it for the next time. When you say no to such an order, two things happen. First of all, you have time to do something too big money.

But this "no" is also important for the customer. You don't give a replacement litter, something that doesn't have of importance to his business, and will even burn his money.

And then such people ridicule copywriting as writing

texts without meaning.

That is why they do not want to pay higher rates, because these letters are without The values, they have to be, it's ok, but why overpay.