You rarely tap the same address with the stupid hope that but maybe the page will appear, what? Then you click "undo" or enter another address. Or you can go back to the fax book - there is always something there. So does the 404 error in copywriting. When you make it, the client either takes a step back or starts look for what he wants somewhere else, or... go back to the phonebook

there is always something there.

In a moment exactly the same will happen with the promotion for course 6. the sales degrees. After 22 you click on the link in the e-mail and the promotion will no longer be there. Then these three things can happen:

Maybe you will go one step back in sales without simple

- you will return to the phonebook, because there is always something there - the question of whether
- is that what you want?
- As you can see, bug 404 is ubiquitous, and so easily once in
- always eliminate.
- Course tips - this happens to many experienced
- copywriters, when they forget about the simple purposes of texts.
- You will start looking for this information somewhere else - but yes
- You won't find simple tips anywhere else.