You'll still be using your super mouse, game videos, audio from the best streamers... nothing will change except one.

  • You'll use a keyboard that's pro and has value.
  • Or no, then you'll have a nice cover and maybe a few followers.

In a world where everyone uses the same communication formats, tools and services, what sets them apart is what they communicate.

##Do these activities bring value to the viewer ?

Because it ultimately determines whether he or she will want to convert his or her money into a number of benefits Nobody buys a character, a movie, a lion, but value, so focus on it. How to choose the right actions today to gain the trust of many around?

The answer can be found by comparing other influencers

What if you admit that you lost in a fight with others? And there's been a change in your brain because of this? You can start over.

Start trusting your strength because you don't need talent here.

And if you feel like you're missing that strength and you're dictating what to do. Do what you think is best for you.