training - bettors/gamers/sportsmans market

They buy cheaper mental power only because of the discount. The prize is a dopamine ejaculation in the brain due to a hunt a nice opportunity. It is a very strong mechanism that is difficult to resist. Immediate gratification turns off thinking, to be precise. stupid.

As far as I am concerned, I do not want stupid customers who buy just because something was cheaper.

Of course, I have no intention of fighting against human nature, in which This reward mechanism is inscribed and I give discounts myself, you know. But there is more to a man than a hunter on Dick Friday. Much more powerful than immediate gratification. If only it worked, nobody would run the marathon, not he was driving several hundred kilometres to his beloved, families would abandon children, doctors would not learn for years, artists would not create works...

There is more than just a quick reward for action.

Let's not make idiots of people who drool on sight.

Of course everyone has a choice, both the buyer and the seller and nothing to it. I do not look in anyone's wallet. But I wanted to write this very much to show that there is something more, than shopping madness.

Because it is easy to get the impression that everyone is doing it, so it is OK. I am not writing this to make you moral or even to educate you.