One, the only list that is kept for the relentless players and the fuckers, continues to resist the invaders and make life miserable for the legions marketers, stationed in Rabarbarum camps, Aquarium, Relanium and Delirium... As you may know, I think today's madness is stupid.

Yesterday there was a little discussion on a fakebook where I wrote


"I agree 100%, BF is like Dementor's style gamers training, saliva is only leaking on the signal. If someone wants to do business on this

No problem, there are people for whom promotion is a religion, but There is no going back from that path and some people forget that.

Someone who once tasted the discounts will be like a vampire, who has tasted the blood - that is all he will want and will not buy Nothing more expensive, because why, if somebody will always put their pants down somewhere, that is, the price. Why am I against this madness? Do I not like making money, because as one of the participants wrote discussion: "I did 220 k USD in Bitxoin last year and it was an income. additional'?

I like to make money, but not at the expense of the customer. I ignore the fact that most of it is fictional, but of course not all.