This is the stupidest way of thinking.

Who flips with the price has a serious problem. If the subject of a conversation with a customer is the price and not the the answer to his problems, challenges and needs is wrong happens with this communication. And what does most e-mails with answers to the question contain?

The price and maybe a short explanation of what you give in return.

But this is very bad news, which in addition causes bad reactions.

Yesterday one of my clients, Marta, sent me such a message:

You know what. With this e-mail you really convinced me to buy. You have been perfect in my pain. And even if you've been I hesitated, now I am ready to buy. I think 297 USD is not much for what I can get later. Because Of course I buy to have effects.

I should stop reading your

news, because you will always persuade me to do something :-) And I hope that thanks to your courses I will finally become a copywriter, not just any pencil bite. Indeed, the lack of motivation comes from a lack of good clients. And I know this because when I had 2 lucrative orders In addition to this interesting and demanding, life looked different. It was more pleasant, even if there was too much work.

There is one sentence that once opened my eyes to sale