I was planning to buy your books, including one written with Mark I'm sand and I'm glad I didn't manage to do it, because there where I have conscious knowledge and choice, I do not want to give my support and finance people and activities that are

against my values.

The substantive value of a good product is obscured by other values.

You will not buy a good book because of something intangible. To be clear, it is not an evaluation or criticism, but an observation that is of great importance to your and mine business.

It clearly shows that it is not about the product itself, and even it can to go away because of the views.

In such a situation, you are faced with an immaterial barrier from which you

you bounce and that's it!

Let's talk about another case.

What happens when these intangible views will drive selling, instead of stopping it? Yesterday in my newsletter I gave three strange examples, maybe they remember? .. You don't have to have the best product, just inspires the client's narrative. Competitors with better products can lower their prices, advertise them everywhere and it will work the other way around