if such a thing is said by a man who was employed by 150

America's largest corporations and... FBI, there's got to be something about that. be: "Without vision there is no action!"

##This is what Jim Camp, the legendary negotiator who taught sales based on saying no. And now there may be such an objection from your side:

"I'm just a small brand and don't have budgets like corporations, so it doesn't concern me."

But maybe that's why you're a small brand without big budgets?

Because you don't have the vision to offer the world that would attract you to


Are you overwhelmed by everyday life and offer the same to your customers?

Maybe you are a copywriter and can write in the language of benefits, you know storytelling and sales rules, but no one has taught you creating in words a vision of new life that can move crowds to act?

You are a good player, but... you dream of something more?