The situation in Europe is developing dynamically and many people do not know, which will soon await us. I know.

They will lock us all up.

In our homes. And there will be an accumulation of internet sales. This creates great chances for success for those who can to win customers on the Internet! A mass of people will sit at home and instead of in the centers commercials will spend money on the Internet. This situation will probably not happen again. But this huge interest is not only an opportunity, but also A serious threat to your marketing.

Everyone, but they will all try to beat it: choose me, me...

As you can see, it will not be easy.

But I want to tell you about a way to break through. First of all, two, which are not enough anymore.

The first is productocentrism.

You know this because, like everyone else, you tend to make your marketing focus on the product.

I'm dulling it nasty on training, but this weed it grows back immediately. Here, the problem of the writer comes down to the question: how to press your product to customers who do not want it.