And you know, even though I've been writing to you for a week to raise my prices and to earn more, I hope that this does not obscure you, that this is about more than money? It's just about getting exactly what everyone wants. A client is a service that has a value to him, not a service that is realized in

Hurry, tape, for a low price, because the copywriter must fucking hundreds of texts to earn something. You - the right salary, so that you can have peace of mind work for clients and give everyone as much as needs, not a fictitious service in the form of tele-advice of a doctor.

And it all starts with the Self-will that I can

Maybe I can explain this with an example. One of my readers asked me why my emails are coming in to the "offers" tab in Gmail and what you can do about it. One way is to teach G that these messages are important to us, by systematically transferring them to the main folder - until the stupid system gets caught.

And now a suggestion,

if I do a step-by-step instruction on the ebook step to make your newsletter reach the Recipients. Whether it will buy Sir from me this instruction for 850 PLN gross with guarantee on the contract for the work that if it doesn't work for you, I return it

You got all your money back ?

What do you think I said? Well, it's a perfect proposition. There is a solution to the problem and a money-back guarantee, which want more? I think that many of us writers face such a problem. We make a proposal to clients that solves their problem, Nothing but to take with a kiss on the hands, and they're nothing... and none The guarantees do not work. Does that mean they're mad at the rest? No, just a certain strength has taken hold of them. It works in each of us and protects us from wasting time, energy and money.