The player's horror was and will be
Potions Class

I'll start innocently, but this computer game is a horror movie...

Under the influence of a defeat in his brain there are changes that cause a state of subjugation. Wait, wait, wait, what does psychology have to do with games?

Nothing. But notice that it was covered by a Canadian psychologist Jorgen Peterson.

He researches people and simply notices a certain pattern that affects us as well.

Losing leaves a permanent trace. It is very possible that when you compete in a computer game, you have to do with the effect of a player who feels worthless.

That is, that your rival had some experience that left a mark in his brain.

And you don't have it like that. You want it that way.

Rather a battered shield when you are aware that most of the players in cutlery games are people in the past. And you change your way of approaching people.

You won't convince them with assurances: things will be different now.

Are there any words that would turn mistrust into faith and make the game more than just killing? Of course it is. E-sport is getting stronger and more visible!

People are becoming more and more lazy. Are you too?