• Can't get something
    • Some opportunity will pass him by his nose
    • He is losing money
    • He is stuck in a situation and cannot move on his own So now, when writing new betting picks for todays soccer matches, think first of all which gateway you will enter to ... his head !!

**And then, line by line, create something that beautifully represents

Mowing in the Matrix:**

It starts straightforward.

And then each line of the programme changes something. Like in poetry. First the flush. A hot flutter and a fluttering heart. You see Neo? She doesn't know what's happening.

Is that wine? No. What's wrong with her? Why? It's gonna stop being important. The reason and justification will disappear. All that remains is a feeling. This is the universe. We fight it. We deny it, but it is all a delusion. We are pretending to be balanced, but not really over ourselves.