starts to feel the need softens.

My mentor focuses so much on it that he stops noticing what is happening There is a lot going on around it.

And suddenly it is no longer a problem for him to spend a billion more dollars than he intended. I have always said that a gamer does not arouse needs, only It guides them.

I was wrong.

And you know why? Because it was easier for me. Okay, I admit it. I have a great weakness. It's "laziness." Because I'm a computer scientist by profession, I practice the basic principle of e-tech specialists: Does it work? Do not move! Some time ago I met a colleague who says yes:

"That server you put me on Lincus 20 years ago still it works there."

When something works, there's no need to move it, right? Well, no... The technology has gone so far that instead of a server that I set up, today all I need is a small box. It consumes less power, reboots almost immediately and has one a function that my design does not have.

  1. But nobody moves it, because it "works".
  2. So in copywriters many things "work".
  3. But it could work faster and more reliably
    • lower energy consumption.
  4. ... It is like an access password.