Competition vs Esports vs YOUR Data

Websites use and sell your data - no different on I think so. That's the way it has to be. Do beats and dejantus do everything.

Advertising? Please. Or maybe an esport. Oh, yes, Esport for sure. See how much wealth there is.

And you can understand that niche communities like or larger news portals like how they want to stay alive. After all, nothing is free.

Posts on TikTook and Instagram are fictitious success stories that have as much to do with reality as I do with Ninja from Fortnite.

Posts and informational articles are PR sponsored by various companies, without the shadow of objectivity and authentic value. And it will only get worse! Technique has moved so far that Photoshop, for example, can remove an object or person from a photo as if they were never there. It's similar in games. Soon you won't know if someone is good or just fitting well.

You can't believe what you see... And they said that one image is worth a thousand words. Meanwhile, it starts to do the opposite.

In a world where images can be manipulated freely, where an actress who died a long time ago plays in a computer game, where everyone has access to such tools, one cannot believe in anything we see, there is only one thing left - to believe in the value that each of us has. Not only a player sitting in front of a computer 12 hours a day...

Words convey value. I convinced twice as many people to act as usual.

As the tools, techniques, game tricks, fashion and trends of all streamers and players change, everything but one thing changes - Esport is all about being the best. That doesn't change. And it's beautiful.