This is the principle that governs business and you either adjust or you will be lost. Thousands of information fly through the eyes of today's customers and they must quickly decide where to stop and what to Ignore. You have it too, so why do you think customers have it differently? So the logical question quickly arises: what do they pay attention to? Of course we ask in a business context, I won't Check the list of your bookmarks and browser history. After all, we don't just want someone to turn on us attention, what?

It seems that it should be simple:

Let's show an attractive product or service and wait for customers. After all, when it comes to buying, people want to buy the best possible products at a good price and the rest should not have meanings.

You know what's happening on a phonebook right now in connection with the current situation in the country?

And yesterday, for example, one of the best known marketers

He took a clear side with lightning.

There were some voices of support, but also one comment, which aroused much controversy: **"Thank you for your support. I stop . watch the profile." **