The way to break through is customer centricity.

Oh, here we focus on the client and the three most important ones emotions, I mentioned it yesterday. But you see, marketers are beginning to mature to the thought that You need to focus on the customer and there will be more and more of them.

This means that

although this path is the right one, there will be more and more it's harder to break through, because everyone will take care of the customer

  • he won't know where to turn.

    Could there be anything better than client-centrism?

    Clienticentrism is like pillow-overlaying. Everywhere is soft, only names and materials differ.

    A healthy pillow, a cotton pillowcase, a soft pillow,

    low pillow, high cushion... But all lead to one goal - to be a customer soft and pleasant.

And what would happen if we took marketing to a higher level and have they changed the target to the final one? When we make a choice for the client: good or evil? Money or life?

I think that this is what gaming in

in the coming months. Not a pillow, but an alternative. Or-or. I think many good companies will fall. Not because they have a weak product or service. They will fall because of soft marketing. We are entering a reality of extremes, where someone from either us or against us.

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