Back from vacation not right away to gaming !

I'm back from vacation and I'm going back to writing my blog right away. It will not only be about games, tournaments and esport! Life is more important** ; ) I've just been through a ton of e-mails and one of them has drawn more attention to me.

One of my companions in Cloud9 team wrote reecently that he wants to come back to the new-old lineup.

However, I wonder if my time spent on full preparation and creating content on my own will be as beneficial as doing everything completely differently in my own way? Excellent question, what? This is where a really strong player wrote to me with two world champion titles during Major in Counter - Strike.

He knows his job, and why else would he have to take it upon himself to write to me? Why bother if you can have something good right away? Let everyone take care of their business. Yes, only in the center of every business there are customers, players, viewers, the whole audience, advertisers. The essence of any business is to communicate with customers, not to be proficient in doing something.

This is the difference between a full-time job and running your own business. In business you do customers. It is not enough to be a great player to run a business.

There is one other very important thing that I wrote to my best Cloud9 player in my answer: In my opinion it's more beneficial if the owner writes himself to create a team from scratch.

Because he knows the industry and customers like no one else, and the core of the esport is not pretty t-shirts, cool logos and fast computers, but just getting into the head of a typical computer game viewer and putting the right images there. On top of that there is the important thing - the video has to be constantly updated! Everything is constantly changing - economic situation, market, customers, competition, products... The game itself is not a stone with engraved texts - you have to change them, so it is a marathon, not a sprint. That's why it's worth doing it yourself." I think that many streamers forget about it. "They'll do" a success and happy to forget about the constant work. Even if it's playing ! That's why the ability to work on oneself is a basic skill of every person, not only an e-sporter.