I have recently received one, for example:

"I want to learn how to spell words like you..."

This is the dream of one of my readers

So this is the subject we will be devoting this week to. Who do you think is best to learn from? I used to think that from writers until I came across such a passage in one of the books:

We went upstairs and found a nice, semi-circular table, around which all these lawyers were sitting. The next day, when someone asked them what happened, one of them he said something like that:

"I have no idea. I know that I shaken this guy's hand, and the next thing I remember was the sight of my hand, in "that has already had a pen stuck in it."


That was the Bandler-style negotiation. I do not know if you know, but the negotiators are turning a lot with more money than sellers. If there is a subject of negotiation, it means that there are It takes billions and it takes extraordinary skills to take them in.

And you know what is the most effective top technique negotiators?

Those who have billions in budgets. They use a strong technique to arouse need.