I'm gonna start off in an unusual way.

Because basically what do you care what my name is? You can find out more by reading my posts.

A date. Pretty girl, average boy. The conversation is going nowhere...

It's time for the first physical contact, but how to do it, so that you don't it came out stupidly? The boy looks at the girl, she looks at him, what will happen in a moment? And then he says these words... Copywriting is the language of marketing. What the customer sees, reads and hears depends on what he sees, he reads and hears next. customer relations. We often have this very dilemma. How to take the next step in our contact, but not to it came out stupidly and so that the client wouldn't scare us? Something has to be said - write. But what if it would sound natural and have the power to convince? Our boyfriend said: "You have beautiful hair... ...I'm a hairdresser, can I touch it?" In some strange way, being a hairdresser justifies touching your hair, you feel it? It is a form of authority. It gives you the right to do what you do! In paramedical advertisements it uses

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