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When I was an agent in a bookmaking company, I was afraid of one objections. > Because it was terrible. First I did prospecting, so I had to create a list of potential winners too much. _The holy memory of BET365, where I started, ordered to make a plan - we don't want winners here :(:( _

I got a sheet with a table, where I had to enter 100 people, with * I will contact you to change the rules Of course, we were supposed to start with the loyal ones - I hated it. After prospecting it was time to make an appointment. It wasn't the worst, because I'm doing very well in conversations. on the phone, but making an appointment bordered on a miracle. One person in 20 agreed to the meeting. So I'm, dressed up, full of enthusiasm and talking:

  • let's do a needs analysis . We did, it turned out nicely that there is a large financial gap, which the insurance could fill up. Okay, at this point, the client was pulling out his objections.
  1. Including the worst one.
  2. I hated it for two reasons, but first, sign up for my NEWSLETTER
What do you do then?

What do you do then?

When you type a page address in the address bar of your browser ! - It does not exist, error message 404 appears.

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