Etheric Flight Experience

Crystal Remote Viewing

Discover past life relationships with loved ones. Create a deeper understanding of behaviors and patterns with them now.
View, collect and bring back knowledge and gifts you had in other times and places.
Break old patterns of fear and understand where they originated.
Communicate with Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides for guidance and inspiration.
Define your current soul path.
Visit your future.
Visit other Planets and Galaxies.
Crystals create a frequency of Theta waves, 4-7 cycles in the brain.
Visit with loved ones who have left this plane and moved on.

Travel the Light with Beth Coleman, Certified Practitioner.

Remote viewing can assist you in the following areas:

Prediction of future global or individual probable life events.
Financial markets, general investment trends, timing and probable directions of investment.
Advanced assessment/mapping of future probabilities.
Probable earth changes and effects.
Geopolitical forecasting.
Identifying and locating wanted and potential terrorists and criminals.
Locating missing children and adults.
Solving unexplained marital problems.
Erase and replace traumatic repressed memories.
Solve crimes and mysteries.
Locating lost objects and pets.
Locating geological resources and archeological sites.




HOME I offer Prepaid phone consultatuons by appointment. $150 per hour.

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