Recovery of Soul Fragments

Have you ever felt like you left part of your heart with another place or person? Energetically, that is is exactly what has happened. Imagine how many soul fragments you have left with others throughout past lives and how many you have collected from others. This may explain having feelings that don't always make sense.

We can clear those up permanently. Some people feel more comfortable letting go of old relationships. The grieving process seems easier when pieces of your soul are brought back where they belong.

This process is simple. I bring those fragments of you (left behind) back in after God has washed them clean with Light. Those soul fragments of others in your space can also be released. God washes those fragments in the Light and we sends them back to where they cam from.

This is a great service for those who have lost loved ones.... through death, divorce or any type of separation. Those who need to completely end a dysfunctional relationship may find relief with this technique.

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