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To remote view successfully, one must operate at a level where theta waves (electrical brain waves), oscillating between 4 to 5 cycles per second predominate.

Deep theta is found at an interface with the delta level(deep sleep), where human brain waves oscillate between 1 to 4 cycles per second.

Delta level(deep sleep without dreaming), is one of the most mysterious puzzles of modern science. Consciousness is lost at this delta level, most thought processes disappear when sleeping.

When active, brain waves operate at beta level where they oscillate between 14 to 30 cycles per second. When the mind relaxes, when daydreaming or meditating, a more focused, expanded state of awareness of alpha waves oscillating at between 8 and 13 cycles per second occurrs. When relaxing even deeper, the mind enters a region with brain wave patterns of 4 to 7 cycles per second, the theta level of mind.

Beta level corresponds to concentration upon the outside world, and alpha and theta levels correspond to a self-reflective state.

We experience theta for a moment before the mind drops from the beta level to the delta level, deep sleep less than 4 cycles per second. Passing rapidly through alpha and theta to profound sleep level. In dreaming, a sense of self is necessary and the mind must return to the theta or alpha.

Delta is the level where the ego expands and operates outside of linear time/space.

Time and space exist only within the Universal Mind. Thought is the only reality that can bridge space and time.

The ego opposes the idea of "One." It fears death and wants to prolong life (as a perception of individual separateness) for as long as possible. It projects fear into its understanding of the afterlife. The stronger the ego, the more need to differentiate, and remain seperate.

Operating at Delta level(sleep, surgical unconsciousness, and pathological conditions - epileptic petit mal), the mind changes awareness from having a sense of self and expands to become interconnected to everyone and everything. Prior conscious awareness is lost and only regained when the mind again experiences the levels where separateness is possible: theta, alpha and beta.

The human heart shows electrical vibration patterns when recorded on an EKG, like the brainís delta waves, ranging between 1 and 4 cycles per second. When either the brain or the heart stop vibrating electrically, death ensues.

Dreaming is associated with rapid eye movement (REM).

Alpha level of sleep is a mirror image of the Alpha level of wakefulness. Deep theta is the interface point, the only level that interacts with Delta.

Beta is the conscious level of mind. Alpha and theta form the subconscious regions, and delta is the unconscious region of thought activity.

Small children and animals function mainly at the theta, alpha and delta states. Adults operate mostly at beta.

When the ego is present in the beta, alpha, or theta state, all levels of the mind operate at once. All patterns are always present, defining life. It is only at death that this spectrum disappears.

When the mind focuses and concentrates self-reflectively on its inner processes, it climbs in awareness from alpha to theta, then to delta.

The higher vibration levels of the mind are synonymous with higher levels of awareness.

Recorded electrical activity of human brain waves of the highest voltage and lowest frequency appear in the Delta rhythm (50 to 350 microvolts, 1 to 4 Hz), which occurs mainly during sleep and unconscious states.

Theta waves are of a lower voltage and higher frequency (4 to 8 Hz) and appear throughout all the regions of the outer shell of the human brain, the cerebral cortex, in an disorganized manner. Theta waves originate in a deep inner area of the brain (hippocampus).

Beta waves are of an even lower voltage and faster vibratory rate (10 to 20 microvolts and 14 to 30 Hz).

The vibratory scheme of the brain implies, by the mathematical construct of periodic waves (Fourier transform), that the higher amperage and slower waves of theta are a prelude to the production of smaller and faster vibrations.

EEG tracing of the brain, neurotransmitters, or PET scanning, are correlated with levels of the mind. Other fields of fiber optic strands operating within the bio-computer of the brain are involved in encoding and processing information.

The brain is the seat of sensory input and output, defining and framing our perception of space/time reality. Visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile sensory perceptions originate from it.

Sensory experiences are coherent and subjective. Life, as a perception of linear space/time causal realities, is an illusion created by our senses.

Reality is perceived through our senses, and each individualís sensory perception is unique. Our senses condition us and define our needs. When all senses are gone, life ends. The reality is then over, because it can no longer be perceived. It is only the sensory world that binds thought to the external realities of space/time. Thought, in itself, is not bound by either.

The scientific notion is that thought is present only as an phenomenon of the computer-like biochemical brain. British Neurologist John Lorbet found that many individuals who had suffered hydrocephalus during childhood (the brain becomes filled with cerebrospinal fluid that destroy many of their brain structures) operated with totally normal cognitive and intellectual capacities. Lorbet found a young student who exhibited larger than normal cranial size. After a C.A.T. Scan, it was found this individual had virtually no brain: that his cranial spaces were filled with cerebrospinal fluid and that only a very thin membrane of neurons, approximately 1 mm thick was lining the surface of his cranium! This student exhibited an IQ of 126 and graduated with a honor degree in Mathematics. He also exhibited totally normal cognitive, functional and sensory behavior.

Mind does not need the brain to operate. The brain is a data processing mechanism framing and filtering thoughts, like a colander.

In psychophysiology and neurobiology, the concept of the brain as the seat of thought may be recognized as a scientific blunder of the twentieth century.

The brain is a transducer and decoder of nonlinear information (digital-like) into linear (analog-like) sensory data. That information is processed by the restricted mind. Information only passes through it. As a feedback mechanism, thought (MIND) makes decisions based upon the linear 3D sensory data experienced. Based on these decisions, more sensory information is then projected to every individual.

Matter, as modern quantum mechanics has experimentally proven, may not be as solid as one perceives it to be. It is a vibratory byproduct of mind. Nothing exists outside of oneself.

Ego is an imaginary being,having no real existence. It is only given the illusion of being a real entity. Only the sum of ALL as the Universal Mind has a real and eternal existence.

The All-that-IS is not static,it is forever evolving. Awareness Itself is modulated by creative thought. It flows in everything and each one of us, and gives life and reality to all.

When the sensory world produces undue stress, fear, grief, and anxiety, human beings try to alter their sensory experience by taking drugs that alter and distort those experiences by poisoning the brain, whose role is to produce the linear sensory temporal/spatial reality. If the brain is damaged or impaired in any way, the filtering processes increase even more, and thought receives a distorted notion of sensory reality.

Behavioral scientists have come to the conclusion that naturally day-dreaming children that easily get bored with the external reality are at risk of becoming potentially non-productive members of society. They have invented a psychological syndrome "ADD /ADHD. This disease has been extended by medical and psychological mental health experts to apply to the U.S. adult population. European authorities refuse to recognize ADD as a real mental disorder.

Accepted treatment is to medicate children from an early age, with a powerful stimulant that alters and shifts the brainwave patterns into an accelerated beta-mode. By disturbing neurotransmitter functions, especially the dopamine release cycle, the developing child is forced to focus solely on the external material reality. This class of mind-altering drugs distort the proper natural functioning of the sensory perception of reality. Paradigm-shifting creative geniuses (great scientists, spiritual giants, visionaries, healers, artists, composers, writers) always projected this type of lonely and unruly inward-focused behavior in their childhood years, and were often bothered and easily distracted by the rigid indoctrinations and environments.

Deep theta level is the closest level to universal consciousness,operating outside of time and space. If one's mind is not located at the interface with the life matrix originating from the universal consciousness the type of information received becomes unreliable.

Highly ego-centered individuals often fear operating at deep levels of theta because the ego (sense of self) is on the frontier of dissolving itself at a slightly deeper level of mind (Delta). They tend to prefer the perceptually most separated level of all: The beta level of awareness.

Children of less than 7 years of age and especially those of less than 2 years old and animals of all ages remote view naturally.

Tribal groups and spiritual orientations have inherited traditions that revere and promote self-reflection, often within a highly symbolized metaphorical background. For them remote viewing is a natural ability.

Deep Theta level is the only state that can unify all perceptual levels of awareness. Delta is the level of non-individualized non-reflective intelligence. The deeper within Delta one finds oneself, the more concomitant parallel thought processes there are. The ancient Greek letter Delta shaped like an upward pointing triangle symbolizes this reality of the Mind. Delta (ancient cousin the Hebrew Deleth) means a door, an entrance to another realm. The realm of El (the Universal) and Data. Delta is therefore the Intelligence that directs the operations of the material and biological phenomenal world.

The Beta level (conscious mind) thinks that it rules over and is more powerful than the Delta level (deep subconscious mind), the reverse is true. It is only with the cooperation of the Delta level that the beta-conscious thought (ego) might perceive that it controls sub-conscious (delta) thought processes including biological ones. The recalled experience of the Delta level is generally a very humbling one.

Evolutionary jumps, inspirational writings, creative endeavors, scientific discoveries and inventions of all times always originate from the level of knowing and not of knowledge. Human and animal instinctive knowledge, and "sixth sense" emanate from the level of knowing. Real knowledge comes from within. One is only relearning what One already knows. Ultimately, there is only One Mind. One Intelligence. Expressing and experiencing Itself.

It is time to stop being a sheep within the "flock" and to start leading one's own destiny and understanding.

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