For the Ascend foundation : by Kalina Raphael Rose.

The purpose of this program is to clear your endocrine and hormonal system, aligning it to the frequency of your lightbody through your chakra system. This assists you to raise your own vibration and that of the area in which you live.

The process of DNA Re-patterning involves the use of energy pattern codes. Imagine that the DNA structure is like a computer and that these energy pattern codes are like computer discs encoded with the original data of the DNA. The codes on these discs need to be re-entered into this system in order to restore what has been lost or decoded since the time of Atlantis.

The endocrine glands and hormonal secretions are body systems, which need to be re-instated to their true purpose as carriers of light encodements into the physical body. This is the true purpose of these DNA codes.

Since the time of the fall of Atlantis and the resulting lack of connection to the light filaments, this system has been dysfunctional in regard to its true purpose or potential. As this potential is restored and activated, the light filaments are also restored through the chakra system, the endocrine and hormonal system and the DNA strands. The vibration of Light pulses through the DNA strands at the speed of light. The DNA strands are intimately connected to the endocrine glands due to the light filaments that connect them. As these light filaments are restored we can then embody the Christ Consciousness.

So far she has drawn 65 codes, which restore and activate the true Dna coding of the endocrine and hormonal system. In this program you will be offered the codes for the main chakras and their mantras in the Language of Light. The song of the mantras take the healing pattern of the code into your being to help prepare the body and the DNA structure to embody the Christ Consciousness.

Extra tips that can be used throughout this program:

As this program involves working with releasing the wounds from your emotional body Kalina has offered some healing tips which are on the Ascend website under Mission Halo tips.

The first codes that are shared with you will be:

code 1 - de-activating the death hormone and

code 1a- activating the rejuvenation hormone in the pituitary gland.

These two codes are a pre-requisite before the Birth and Creation codes (embracing the Mutant strand of DNA) can be offered.

Before commencing the process with the codes it is important to place a sphere of Lovelight around you representing your wholeness, create a sacred place of healing and intend that only that which is for the highest good of all, in alignment with your Soul purpose in accord with the Divine Plan. Many Ascended and Cosmic Masters will come forward to stand with you and your True Self, as you work with these codes, please accept and welcome their assistance

“See the endocrine glands as steams of consciousness that connect the God source into the physical being through their direct link to the chakras. The endocrine system is an important and invaluable link in the raising of the vibratory rate of the body to incorporate the Christ consciousness on the Earth” from St Germaine.

Information on code 1 & 1a by Kalina Raphael Rose.

v CODE 1

The spiritual purpose of this code is to de-activate the death programming held in the pituitary gland and to bring a reminder of your eternal nature, which is alive and joyous, forever connected to the life stream that is God.

“After puberty, at our command that the body ages, the pituitary gland begins to produce a death hormone. It also instructs the other glands to comply” quote from Joanna Cherry,-New Cells New Bodies.

This programming totally overrides the truth of the pituitary gland, which is to produce a hormone of rejuvenation, life and light.

It is recommend to use this code first because until the death hormone is deactivated and the life hormone restored, any other healing may be sabotaged by this old programming. This code may be used many times as there are many layers of this programming that are held on a subconscious level.

After using code 1 the body may need more rest than usual, as the death pattern needs to release from all the endocrine glands, particularly the adrenals. You may see more consciously some of the thought forms, which were activating death rather than life. As you become aware of these thoughtforms, consciously name them and release them into the light of truth.

You can use the mantra UE.A.NO.AH.RAE.AU.PO,UE.A.NO.AH.RAE.AU.PO.A., to assist in the release of these old thought forms from your whole being.

(This song was given to Kalina by a Spirit Guardian in New Zealand. When it is sung with Sacred intent, it creates an energy vortex/ portal that releases any old trapped energy, wounds, or thoughtforms and welcomes in the new energy which is aligned to the true essence of all the sacred teachings. This song also honours any old spirit guardians who have completed their work and sets them free to return to the source via this energy vortex so that they can rest and recharge. This song also welcomes in the new Guardians.)

As the true purpose of the pituitary gland has been overridden by this programming, strong emotions of grief and anger may also arise to be released and healed.

Be patient and loving with yourself in this process. To whatever degree you shift the effect of the death hormone, it is an invaluable gift which helps to release this patterning from the collective consciousness.


You can call on the assistance of your own beloved Christ presence, Babaji, St. Germaine and Melchizedek to lend you their loving support in this process.

Look at the code and say the affirmation that is written on the front of the code, "I allow this pattern to de-activate the death hormone in the pituitary gland." Place code 1 intuitively on either the third eye, frontal or crown chakra and say the affirmation written on the card. Sound the code in with the mantra for the crown- E.I.E, the Atomic doorway- O.E.O. (situated above the 3rd eye on the hairline) and the third eye chakra- ME.O.A.. Visualise a figure 8 flow