Get rid of wayward spirits, curses, oaths and vows that no longer serve you.

* Heal Physical & Emotional Issues

* Group Healings

* Communicate with Guardian Angels

* Activate Your Youth and Vitality DNA and Change All Genetic Programs for Aging

* Pull, Change, and Replace Your Beliefs

* Understand How Your Beliefs Affect Your Health and Everyday life

* Improve Your Physical Health and Emotional Health

Imagine the impact on your life to have Creator download programs to teach your cells what it feels to live without...pain, suffering, depression & failure.

Experience full soul restoration. Release Grudges, resentments and hatred that blocks your happiness.


******************************************************************************** I had used advanced tools and insight to help you manifest from the 7th Plane quicker and more effectively. This will move your life forward.

Experience the 100 most important beliefs to clear your blocks.

Discover the deepest beliefs that hold you back from manifesting abundance. *******************************************************************************

Event: Etheric Flight: Remote Viewing Using Crystals gives all the information needed.

Use Atlantean mantra chants to fine tune prior to start

Bring your favorite stones, a mat, blanket & pillow for this cosmic adventure. Discover past life relationships with loved ones.

Create a deeper understanding of behaviors and patterns with them now.

· View, collect and bring back knowledge and gifts you had in other times and places.

· Break old patterns of fear and understand where they originated.

· Communicate with Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides for guidance and inspiration.

· Define your current soul path.

· Visit your future.

· Visit other Planets and Galaxies.

· Crystals create a frequency of Theta waves, 4-7 cycles in the brain.

·Visit with loved ones who have left this plane and moved on.

Remote viewing can assist you in the following areas: Prediction of future global or individual probable life events.

Financial markets, general investment trends, timing and probable directions of investment.

Advanced assessment/mapping of future probabilities.

Probable earth changes and effects. Geopolitical forecasting.

Identifying and locating wanted and potential terrorists and criminals.

Locating missing children and adults. Solving unexplained marital problems.

Erase and replace traumatic repressed memories.

Solve crimes and mysteries.

Locating lost objects and pets.

Locating geological resources and archeological sites.

Theta Training recommended as a prerequisite.


Have God download programs to teach your cells what it feels to live without...pain, suffering, depression & failure. This will be learned in seconds, from the seventh plane of existence. Experience the Creation of Feelings technique to quickly and easily learn what it feels like to be loved, honored, respected, cherished and successful. Experience a full soul restoration and experience the healing love to a baby in the womb exercise.

Remove Blocks: Regrets, Resentments, Anger, Lack of Direction, Complaining. Learn your truestand deepest beliefs that hold you back from manifesting abundance. See these blocks from the 7th Plane.

Abundance List: Setting Intentions, Great Ideas, Being Clever, Holding Your Own Space, Working with Those Around You, Divine Timing, Boundaries, Honesty, Accountability, Generosity, Reputation, Planning, Remembering Your Future. This class is Experiential. You will find what holds you back.

Discover your personal blocks, I will clear them and begin to retrain your mind.

7th Plane connection and grounding
Manifesting in Theta Healing
Decisions, decisions!
Blocks Explained
Removing your Blocks
Retraining the mind
Manifesting and Abundance Belief and Fear Work
Manifesting and Abundance Feeling Downloads
Soul Mates
Divine Timing
House, Rules, Object, Assignments

Anti Aging Techniques

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Turning Back The Hands Of Time!





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