Angels X - Z

Xexor: An benevolent spirit invoked in conjuring rites.

Yabbashael: One of the seven angels with dominion over the earth.

Yahala: One of the numerous angelic guards of the West Wind.

Yahel: An angel who's name is inscribed on the fourth pentacle of the moon. Angel Opens Lock, Doors, Reveals Secrets.

Yarashiel: One of the numerous angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind.

Yashiel: An angel whose name is found inscribed on the first pentacle of the moon. Gives Business & Careers Success.

Yefefiah(Dina:) Angel of the Torah, instructed Moses in the mysteries of the cabala.

Yekahel: One of the spirits of the planet Mercury. His name is inscribed on the first pentacle of the planet.

Yephiel: The angels whose name is found on an Asian charm for warding off evil.

Yrouel: His name is found inscribed on amulets worn by women during pregnancy. Yroul: is the angel of fear, a common angel.

Yura: The spirit of light and rain.

Yurkemi: The angel of hail. A legend says that Yurkemi offered to extinguish the fire consuming the three men in the fiery furnace but Gabriel would not have it, contending that Yurkemi's help would not suffice.

Zacharel: Angel grants strength & physical powers.

Zachriel: An angel who rules over memory.

Zadkiel:(Prayer) An angel of solace, charity and gentleness. We pray to-this sacred one for comfort when we are in need of gentle guidance. Zadkiel also kindles a desire for spiritual development in humankind. He guards the powers of invocation; the best known and most powerful form: prayer.

Zafrire: Morning spirits.

Zagzagel:(Wisdom) Angel of wisdom, chief guard of the 4th heaven, angel of the burning bush. Teaches us how to listen and see inwardly. Wisdom is the result of searching deep within for truth.

Zahariel:(Brightness) A great angel invoked to resist temptations.

Zakkiel: The angel governing storms.

Zalbesael:(Heart of God) An angel who has dominion over the rainy season.

Zaliel: A Tuesday angel, resident of the 5th Heaven. He is invoked from the south.

Zamael: Teaches & Doubles All Sexual Pleasures.

Zavael: An angel who controls and has dominion over whirlwinds.

Zayday: One of the angels of the seven planets.

Zazel: A great angel, particularly effective in love conjurations. He is the spirit of Saturn. Along with the angel Asiel, he can be used to protect against sudden death. (In a talisman.)

Zechiel: Brings Happiness, Harmony, JOY.

Zeffar: "The genius of irrevocable choice". He also serves at the 9th hour.

Zehanpuryu'h:(This One Sets Free) A great angelic prince: advocate general of heaven and dispenser of divine mercy. With Michael he is the dispenser of inerrable balances. He is one of the crown prices of the Merkaba with higher ranking than that of Metatron.

Zeirna: Genius of infirmities and genii of the fifth hour.

Zephon:(A Looking Out) Guardian prince of Paradise. The sixth sefira, one of the cheribum. Gabriel sent Zephon along with Ithuriel to find satan. They found him in the garden of Eden while he was tempting Eve.

Zeriel(or Zuriel):(God Is My Rock) Prince of the order of principalities, ruler of Libra, and one of the 70 childbed amulet angels, also a curer of stupidity in man. When equated with Uriel, he is the angel of September.

Zethar: The angel of/over immortality. He is also one of the angels of confusion.

Zianor: An angel invoked in the conjuration of ink and colors.

Zidkiel: Angel of the Terebinth tree.

Ziquiel: (Zikiel) The angel of comets or meteors.

Zizuph: A genius of mysteries and one of the genii of the 8th hour.

Zophiel: Commands & contact Spirits/Spirit Guides.

Zuphlas: This angelic benefactor protects and safeguards the forests and trees. We appeal to this angel to save the rain forests of the earth and to inspire the human race to honor, respect and save the trees. Also the genii of the 11th hour.

Zuriel: Prince of the order of principalities, ruler of the sign of Libra. Also one of the childbed amulets angels and an angel of September. He can cure stupidity in men. (men meaning humans)