Aconitum napellus: Ranunculaciae


PART USED: leaves, stem, flowering tops, and root. The leaves and tops fresh, gathered in June. The root gathered in the fall and dried.
TASTE: pungent, sweet
VIPAKA: pungent
WARMTH: very hot

MERIDIANS: heart, spleen, kidney

ACTIONS: anodyne and local anaesthetic, diuretic, diaphoretic, cardiac. Cardiac tonic action can be followed by cardiac depression, arrhythmia, arrest, or even death.

INDICATIONS: neuralgia, rheumatism, lumbago, wounds and bruises, pleurisy, and aneurism (for pain relief), has been used for cardiac failure.

PRECAUTIONS: ACONITE, ALSO KNOWN AS MONKSHOOD, IS ONE OF THE DEADLIEST POISONS KNOWN. Symptoms of poisoning are: tingling, numbness of the tongue and mouth, a sensation of ants crawling over the body, nausea and vomiting with epigastric pain, laboured breathing leading to respiratory arrest, weak and irregular pulse leading to cardiac arrest, cold clammy skin, giddiness, staggering, although the mind remains clear. To treat, induce vomiting, pump stomach, (I'd take them to an ER), artificial respiration may be needed.

CONSTITUENTS: 0.3 - 1 % alkaloids including ACONITINE (crystalline, alkaloid, and very toxic), PICRACONITINE, and ACONINE, ACONIC ACID, starch


-tinctures vary greatly in strength -I would advise against internal use. Advised dose 1/30th drop of 10% tincture.
-mostly used externally for pain, but caution necessary, as it can be absorbed through the skin
-much used in homeopathy at 6X - 30X potency for pain and shock
-Chinese herbalists use it as a metabolic stimulant, soaking the roots in vinegar and then salt water for a month each, three times in alternation to diminish the toxic alkaloids. The prepared product is sold as Aconitum Praeparata (fu zi), and is one of the most yang remedies known for cold conditions. 3-9 g of this product is the recommended dose.


USE IN PERSONAL GROWTH: -carry as a talisman to maximize potential and overcome indifference and apathy

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