This process follows universal laws. It unfolds uniquely. I am now developing my understanding of how to live the life of your dreams.

“Thought Creates”

All things began as an idea.

We are continuously creating consciously and sub consciously with our minds.
... Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life”.
Sense inwardly what feels true to you; what works for Louise may not be the way for you.
Books are the author’s interpretation of the process, their experiences, not yours. Your task is to adapt the processes and teachings so they fit into your life effortlessly. Finding your power and truth will bring an element of effortlessness and confidence into the process as you become clearer as creator of your life.

First, observe your thoughts and feelings of what you wish to manifest. Are you focusing on what you want or what you do not want? Always focus on what you want and notice how uplifting that feels relative to focusing on what you do not want!

Watch your intent behind thoughts carefully. Feel the subtle difference in creative strength and clarity when stating, “I want to pay all my bills by the due date this month” as opposed to “I don’t want to be short of cash this month”? Look back upon a situation where you had a range of choices (as shopping) but felt undecided. When you clarify what you want you are able to make a clear choice. Without that clarity you feel confused, frustrated, or thwarted. You will rarely get anything you want if you only know what you do not want. You need clarity of desire, feeling and motive to create successfully.

Is what you are wishing to manifest based upon a belief or feeling of fear and lack? Wanting money to feel secure or safe? Money can only bring security in limited areas of life. True security comes with a feeling of faith and trust from deep within you. Knowing that you are in the perfect place in every moment to create the next moment of your life.

Realize that the present moment is all you have.

Accessing peaceful awareness becomes easier with practice and an increasing clarity of desire to feel it. How many difficult situations have not finally turned out to be for the best, even if only for the wisdom you gained from the experience?

You struggle with manifesting if you do not believe you deserve to have fulfillment. Positive belief in deservedness is key; without it your best efforts prove fruitless. You will find crisis and self sabotage continually thwarting you. How can you draw the perfect job, partner or lifestyle into your life if you do not really think and feel both consciously and subconsciously you are deserving of that?

A key part of manifesting is clearing negative beliefs and fears that block your sense that you deserve happiness and abundance. Focusing on strengths above weaknesses and recognising your successes. Celebrating every success. By doing this you lift yourself into an energised and positive mental / emotional state from which to create. When you feel positive your experiences reflect it. Make a point of choosing a happy outlook.

Practice recognising the abundance all around you, rejoicing in the exuberance of nature, celebrate the good fortune of others, and seeing what is right, hopeful and encouraging in the world. Nurture what you want in yourself and applaud the successes of others.

The manifesting process is really quite simple.

1.Clarify what you wish to manifest.
2.Determine why you want, feel, need and deserve it.
3.Set quiet time aside to allow yourself the full feeling of “knowing” that this desire is now on its way to being fulfilled in your life.
4.Do whatever you require to maintain your positive attitude and feelings of faith and optimism.
5.Continually note what action is required on your part to bring your creation into existence and act upon it. Right thought leads to right action; you will have to get things done. Think – Feel – Do

As I have worked at understanding my beliefs, my fears, and the workings of this creative process, every area of my life has quickly become richer, more peaceful and fulfilling. I am sure yours will also.

I agree with those steps and add more.

There are many levels of the first step. Initially you create lists of money, cars, jobs, etc. but why do you want them? What will they give you? Perhaps you just want to feel safe, loved and supported by life?

You should explore what allows you feelings of deservedness and expand on that.

Knowing may be confirmed by a continued interest in manifesting a desire or by the complete absence of interest due to knowing that it's in production and needs no further conscious attention. We may be enthused briefly but fail to find lasting interest in it.

This is the key to all positive creations. Raise your vibration, called the “Law Of Attraction” by Jerry and Esther Hicks through Abraham materials. Allow your mind to calm and become present to the perfection of the now. Allow your heart to open. Feel at ease with all that is, receptive and full of gratitude. Recognise you wish to calm your mind and allow it. Watch your thoughts from a detached perspective. Step out of ego identification with the ramblings of your thoughts, move into the quiet state of being where all is well. You’ll find the circumstance of life will guide you toward training, therapy, hobbies etc. that you need to engage in to deepen this awareness. Go with the flow, follow your heart, keep dreaming hopeful dreams and choosing positive thoughts.

The rest is almost effortless even if it is a lot of work. Feel inspired which isn’t work, it is very sustaining.

Explore you are already getting exactly what you really want.
No, you think, how could that be when it seems that so much of your experience of life appears not to be what you think you want at all? By virtue of experiences of continued, strife, struggle, confusion, conflict, illness, poverty, grief etc.

Hold this thought, you’ve really got what you want but think that you haven’t because you do not like what you’ve got?
The not liking part is just judgements and feelings evoked by your ego demanding that life bends to its will, a refusal to simply accept what is as is.
Once you’ve accepted your life you are far more able to take steps to improve your circumstances because you are not in resistance to what is.
This experience of contrast allows you to continually refine your ideas of what it is that you do want and draw more of your attention to manifesting that rather than resisting what is.
Taking the approach that a greater all knowing you has drawn everything you are currently experiencing into your life for reasons as yet unknown can actually open you to a much more empowered state of being.
One of great trust, grace, acceptance and ease because now you are enquiring into how to best deal with what you’ve got rather than avoiding and blaming what you’ve got on others and railing against it.
You can deeply engage in living your life rather than avoiding it. You are consciously working with the creations of your unconscious.

Could it be that all your experiences, dreams, set backs, and desires are leading you tirelessly towards even greater conscious awareness of exactly who it is that you truly are and what you really seek?
Could it be that all your desires are equally valid and that all desires may lead you to greater awareness of the full nature of your being, be that through contrasting paths of either joy or pain, that what you need and what you want are not really so very far apart?
Could it be that the entire Universe is yielding entirely to your every whim in ways unknown but that you’d forgotten this and thought you had to do it all alone?

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